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Linzi Merino

Linzi Merino uses only the finest New Zealand or Australian merino wool fibres and is manufactured to high European quality standards. We cater for babies, toddlers and tweenies aged from newborn to 10 years with a comprehensive range of underwear, daywear, sleep and pyjama styles to suit all tastes, shapes and sizes, big or small.

Our First Steps

Linzi Merino's debut collection was a dynamic mix of colour, pattern and stripe thermal layers to keep out the winter chills.  Last Winter we introduced by popular demand our beautiful new babies’ collection consisting of 100% merino wool yarn dyed stripes in warm winter hues and a delicate group of small babies under garments in 190g/m2 pointelle.  We also saw the birth of our bright and funky new sleepwear range for kids in a merino/cotton 220g/m2 double jersey with an eclectic design direction gleaned from overseas trends and a bit of kiwi kid attitude thrown in for good measure.

What’s Next?

Babies Collection

  • 100% merino wool 1x1 rib 190m/2
Winter 17 Babies Collection is in muted yarn dyed stripes of heavenly pink stripe, blue shadow stripe and charcoal marle which can be paired with printed pieces for a versatile mix and match collection.  All your favourite styles are back with some new silhouettes introduced for this winter to add some outside style to our kiwi little ones. 
W17 Sleeppod-372-106-214

Kids Collection

  • 100% merino wool 1 x 1 rib 190m/2
Our ever popular long sleeve top and long john can be worn on their own or as extra layers.  They are the thermals on the ski field, the extra layer under school uniforms, or the cool striped top on their own to give added warmth from our Kiwi Winter temperatures without adding bulk.  The 1x1 rib fabric is super stretchy and is very soft against your children’s skin.  Each season we select from a great mix of colours, stripes, and designs to bring you a slice of current European trends and mix it up with some good old Kiwi flavour for a unique approach to kid’s merino. This season we have added thermal singlet's to the collection.
W17 Thermals

Sleepwear Collection

  • Merino cotton blend 220g/m2 double jersey
It’s warm, its’ fun and your kids will love you for it!  Linzi Sleepwear is low irritant with a cotton layer next to your skin and a merino outer layer for warmth.  The layers are bonded together with a nylon filament for strength and durability.  No more itchy and scratchy
W17 Sheep Onesies
  • Merino 220g/m2 double jersey
For the most luxuriously warm sleepwear we introduce for Winter 17 a new mini collection of merino double jersey 220g/m2 with a nylon filament between the layers for the same strength and durability you can enjoy from our merino cotton collection.  It’s thick, warm and toasty and just perfect for those South Island temperatures in great colours for little boys and girls.
W17Heart PJs


Merino Wool Is Truly the Super Yarn for Babies and Children

Why choose Merino?  Merino is an exceptionally fine natural wool fibre sourced from New Zealand and Australian Merino sheep.  It is rich in natural properties sought after for the unique benefit’s it possesses. 

Merino wool is soft and luxurious because of its exceptionally fine, pliable long fibres enabling merino to bend more than traditional coarser wool fibres. Merino wool has natural elasticity making garments made from Merino stretch with you and yet easily return to their original shape. 
W17 Pink
Merino fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and then cleverly move it away from the skin to evaporate into the air. Merino clothing is extremely breathable meaning it is less prone to that uncomfortable clammy feeling.  Because of the long, soft, super-fine fibres Merino is non-irritating so there is no itchy and scratchy feeling making it perfect for little babies’ delicate skin.

Merino is a smart fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature so it helps you stay warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.  As Merino can regulate body temperature and therefore heart rate it can help improve the sleep patterns of little babies to be more restful for longer periods of time.

Merino is static resistant because its ability to absorb moisture vapour so it does not create its own static electricity.  Merino is less likely to cling uncomfortably such as synthetic fibres are prone to.  Because it is static resistant is tends not to attract dust and lint to the surface making Merino a healthy choice for little babies and children.

Merino is naturally odour resistant because it can absorb moisture vapour leaving less sweat on the skin.  It can absorb the odours created from sweat which are then released during laundering.

Merino is easy to care for as it is able to be machine washed and gently dried and requires minimal ironing.  Merino is stain resistant as it has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains from being absorbed easily.  Merino is anti-wrinkle as it naturally resists with its coiled fibres which spring back naturally after being bent.

Merino wool is reassuringly safe for little babies and children to wear as it is flame retardant and won’t melt and stick to the skin.  It self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed. 

Merino wool performs better at protecting against UV rays than cotton and most synthetic fibres and is therefore a great choice to protect little babies from the elements.
Merino wool from New Zealand and Australia is a completely natural and biodegradable fibre from renewable sources.  When Merino is disposed of it will naturally decompose in the soil in a matter of years slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.  Merino is grown on the backs of our 100 million sheep combined with the natural consumables of water, air, sunshine and green, green grass.

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Lindsay Marketing was established in 1983 and over the years has built an excellent reputation for its quality baby and children’s clothing.

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